13 de febrero de 2013

Nuevo proyecto en "Zona Cósmica" para este año 2013. En este video Luca Ruiz (Actor) comenta al público como fue el proceso de casting que realizamos el día de ayer para el próximo proyecto.
El evento fue realizado en el Espacio BUA en la ciudad de Mar del Plata.
El nuevo proyecto se titula "UMBRIEL" y corre a cargo de German "Carpincho" Lopez en la dirección y Luca Ruiz en la co-escritura del guion. Junto con los efectos visuales de Leandro Davel. Esperemos que sea de su agrado.

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Korea team may be fined because of be late fine amount " may very big " -- in new network
This morning, reporter from what do not wish to disclose a full name inferior sufficient couplet official is in know, because Korea team surpasses precedent travel press conference to be late, and did not let episcopal practice and team member be attended together by the regulation accept interview, get likely inferior the punishment of commission of sufficient couplet discipline.
Two days ago, korea team former on 11 when press conference of the routine before the game that plays set of C of current Asia cup 30 minutes. But this group officer and episcopal practice were not informing beforehand inferior below the circumstance of sufficient couplet, without reason reachs press conference postpone 13 when 30 minutes, cause incur loss through delay of a few reporters interview reach reportorial arrangement. Especially a lot of foreign country media that will technically interview Zheng Dashi, it is pair of Korea teams more advocate handsome " single-handed " attend a news briefing to feel incomprehensible with dissatisfaction.
This does not wish to disclose a full name inferior sufficient couplet official discloses, "They begin time without what legitimate reason postpones a press conference, this is incorrect. They get likely inferior the punishment of sufficient couplet. " occupy Korea media coverage additionally, inferior the decision that commission of sufficient couplet discipline already made provenance punish Korea group, specific punishment amount will be announced after 3 days two. Because [url=]jordans shoes for sale[/url] Korea group appears the circumstance of two kinds of deregulation, the amount of fine may very big. (special correpondent king is foreign)

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Ba Sajin class is without Ou Guan be concerned about expects Mei Xi performs longing " magical "
Sport netAfter dispatch league matches performs cap magic, people is opposite Mei Xirang he next the watch is existing bigger expect, beijing time on March 18 before dawn, ou Guan 1/8 final the 2nd bout, barcelona advocate field is right a Situjiate, very few somebody suspects, cling to Sa is in advocate can be washed out by Situjiate, what people cares more is, what kind of show can Mei Xi of gentleman of football of new division world have?
Promotion does not have be concerned about almost
Head bout guest field challenges Situjiate, cling to Sa is not successful, 1-1 battle makes the same score some fluky, the outside thinks, juridical miscarriage of justice helped Sa cling to. Return advocate, still have goal of field of a guest, cling to Sa needs only 0: 0 battle make the same score Situjiate to be able to promote, this is right before 3 sports season advocate guest field double kill Situjiate cling to for Sa, be not tickler apparently. More what is more,the rather that, cling to Sa latter position not common, on annulus 3 balls get the better of armour league matches greatly on the west strong opponent made of baked clay Lun Xiya, it is to make Basashi angry upsurge more. Plus cling to the deadly enemy emperor of Sa is fallen into disuse to go out in league matches of Ma Zaiou coronal bureau, if can promote 8 strong, right cling to one big victory is undoubtedly for Sa.
Nevertheless, be worth cling to what Sa notices is, situjiate although this sports season is behaved in heart armour league matches flatly, approach for a time demote the brim, but scene is shown on Europe coronal competition ground, be in especially guest field, keep indefectible up to now. Of coincidence is, situjiate is last in Europe coronal league matches guest field loses a ball, be in just about 2007 guest field 1: 3 not enemy cling to Sa.
And see Mei Xilai perform
Be concerned about in promotion not big case falls, what people pays close attention to more is star performance, especially Mei Xi of gentleman of football of [url=]nike air max 95[/url] new division world. Go up annulus on the west armour league matches, mei Xi performed magical cap magic, 3 goals each is wonderful, expression is supereminent, be like,Rangnuokanpu's fan looks crazy be like drunk, this also trice the appetite of people advocate field is right a Situjiate, mei Xi whether will be performed magically again? Besides, this Yi Bu field can come on the stage, henry regained position again of late, this can let Mei Xi undoubtedly advanced field has more opportunities.
Besides Mei Xi, of Situjiate in cloth of field core He Lai also is worth to pay close attention to, in Ba Sayu gloomy is not gotten annals, helaibuben sports season was leased Situjiate, face this old advocate, be him the main chance that to melon Diaola shows ability. Dish of belt of White Russia star kongfu can weighs a special skill, return Nuokanpu, just meet cling to the Abidaer on line of Sa full back is absent, general makes an appointment with Er doubt to be like injury to be in personally, helaibu can snatch the limelight of Ba Saqun star probably.